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ISCA - Indiana State Chess Association  -  Visit ISCA website:
ISCA is an USCF affiliate for the State of Indiana and is open to chess players of all ages.
Currently, ISCA holds several annual Championship Title events; The Indiana State Championship, and Indiana Class Championships are two such events.

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OCA - Ohio Chess Association   Visit OCA website:

The purpose of our association is to foster the study and pursuit of the game of chess by conducting tournaments for players, sponsoring teams to represent the state of Ohio in interstate and international play, promote chess organizations in the state of Ohio. OCA is an affiliate of the USCF. 

If you have a grievance/complaint or want to contact OCA

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         KCA - Kentucky Chess Association

KCA fosters the play and study of chess for players from scholastic to adult. KCA is an affiliate of the USCF

Visit KCA website:
The Yussman Kentucky Hall of Fame 

Celebrating the historical Cornerstones of Kentucky Chess

Chess Earth is here to serve and promote the chess community.  We are about building our community, bringing people together and showing the social side, the life side of chess. We are working to become a great resource for players, organizers, scholastic parents and friends of chess.  Chess Earth is an USCF affiliate.

- Our local territory is the three states of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Cincinnati is nestled in between these 3 states and often call the Tri-State.

- We maintain the Chess Earth Tournament Calendar for 3 states and show past tournament results, not just upcoming tournaments. 

- We are Tournament Organizers, Chess Vendors and Chess Teachers.

Chess Earth - A Resource

For The Chess Community

About USCF & FIDE - State Chess Organizations  OHIO  KENTUCKY   INDIANA 

USCF  - United States Chess Federation

USCF is the governing body for chess competition in the United States and represents the U.S. in FIDE, the World Chess Federation. 

Visit USCF website:

- USCF administers the official national rating system

- Publishes two magazines: Chess Life and Chess Life for Kids.

- Awards national titles, sanctions over twenty national championships annually.   Check out USCF's Mission and Vision

Kentucky Chess Association - KCA
The USChess state affiliate for all of Kentucky.

  FIDE - The Fédération Internationale des Échecs or World Chess Federation

FIDE connects the various national chess federations around the world and acts as the governing body of international chess competition. It is usually referred to as FIDE(/ˈfiːdeɪ/, FEE-day), its French acronym. FIDE is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the body responsible for championships at global and continental levels.   Visit FIDE's website:

- FIDE administers the global rating system and awards the titles of Grandmaster (GM) and International Master (IM) etc

- organizes the World Chess Championship and the Women's World Chess Championship 

- organizes the Junior's World Chess Championship and the Senior's World Chess Championship

- organizes the Chess Olympiad and World Team Championship for national teams. 

Chess Earth -  A Resource For The Chess Community