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How do I give Online Chess Lessons?

We meet for online lessons at several teaching areas:, lichess, chesstempo and always a speaker phone or skype

Prior to the lesson, the (PDF) lesson is emailed, then after the lesson (PDF) homework is emailed

We use PGN (portable game notation) for analysis, also for homework. I explain PGNs so you can use them and showcase your games to friends and family

We use great chess teachers and their books as our guide. For instance, I've used "Kasporov Teaches Chess" as our text book. 


Online Chess Lessons

$60 for 1.5 hour block of time (90 minutes) 

- Buy 3 lessons, get one lesson free - $180

Playing Sessions with Robert (popular & effective)

$150. A very practical way of becoming a stronger player. We meet online and play a lot of chess. We analyze the games and have a chess dialogue to figure out your strengths and weaknesses and your chess personality.  I also follow and watch you play online then we analyze the games. We also keep a slower correspondence game going.  

Combination Lessons and Playing Sessions

- Contact Robert for pricing

I like small group chess lessons because the students get the opportunity to "teach" and explain concepts. Also the cost of chess lessons drops for the students.  I need to figure out a way to offer small group chess lesson online

Over the years, Robert has built up chess programs in Cincinnati private schools:

1. Summit Country Day School

2. Cardinal Pacelli School

3. Seven Hills School

4. Hyde Park School

5. Mt Washington Arts and Education Center

Online Chess Lessons with Robert

Robert is a FIDE Rated Expert

working on gaining the FIDE Master ​​(FM) World Title 

I'm a true chess teacher, happy to spend time working on my teaching craft and learning how to teach. I find and mimic great chess teachers.                      

Formal Lesson Plans and a teaching tool bag helps to make online lessons effective...this has taken years to develop. Students receive a written lesson, homework and chess hand-outs

Principles and Fundamentals and building a solid foundation is our primary focus. I teach the skills of "how to analyze" and "chess thinking" 

Online Tools and Resources (and how to use them) is a benefit of taking lessons from Robert so that students can independently work on developing their chess game

​Test and Evaluate the student's chess understanding to see if he/she is learning anything at all. We review, re-teach and stay with it, until the magic happens. 

Chess Earth -  A Resource For The Chess Community