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Chess Earth is a premier organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio that is dedicated to all things chess.  

Cincy Tornado's Tournament Schedule
Monthly Cincinnati Chess Tournament
  • November 29th - Thanksgiving Chess  1st Rd 9:00am
      • Swiss Double Blitz Afterwards - $20EF
  • December 20th - Five Days Til Christmas  1st Rd 9:00am
    • Swiss Double Blitz Afterwards - $20EF

Our Cincy Tornado's have a new format:
1.) If you beat the Highest Rated Master, you automatically receive $50 or $25 for a draw.....which ever happens first. 

2.) Biggest Rated Upset Prize: $30

3.) Floating 2nd Prize: Section with most players get $50 added as a 2nd place Prize to that section.

Noah Keating-Adams winning the "Master Bounty Prize" $50 for beating  the highest rated master in the tournament: Carl Boor 2366 

Register today for a reduced entry fee of $30.  Entry Fee is $35 at the site. 

To register and pay for the next Cincy Tornado chess tournament click here.  The tournament entry fees can be paid online with any credit card or Paypal

Artwork hanging at Cincy Tornado.

 Mystery Question. When and Where was this picture taken? Email answer/response to  First to give correct answer will receive a prize. A nice mystery prize. 
Bobby Fischer (left). Fidel Castro (seated with hat on). Standing behind Castro is Tigran Petrosian. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions:

White to Mate in 3 Moves