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  Master's  Lettuce  Match
      Exhibition  Game
  Friday, Nov. 27 Game Starts at 10:00am  
      Will Sedlar  vs  Ram Dake
- $150 (Lettuce) to Winner  -  G/75   d/10
- Match Promoting Chess Breakfast Every Friday 9am-1pm
- Tri-County Panera Bread  405 E. Kemper Rd. Cinti, OH 45246
- Master's Lettuce Matches Held day before Cincy Tornadoes

 Cincy Tornado 
One-Day Chess Tournament
November 28th, 2015.   

December 19 Cincy Tornado is


  1st Place Winners 
at last Cincy Tornado
"Pawn Gambit"

Bob Challan 1st Under 1600  &   John Miller clear 1st Open Section 

Ramer, Barnakov, Sedlar and Blake

Noah Keating-Adams winning the "Master Bounty Prize" $50 for beating  the highest rated master in the tournament: Carl Boor 2366 

Artwork hanging at Cincy Tornado.

 Mystery Question. When and Where was this picture taken? Email answer/response to  First to give correct answer will receive a prize. A nice mystery prize. 
Bobby Fischer (left). Fidel Castro (seated with hat on). Standing behind Castro is Tigran Petrosian. 

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White to Mate in 3 Moves